Web Sites

DataCorp can develop a custom Web site for your organization. By custom, we mean that you do not have to force your ideas and content into a pre-written framework designed by someone else. Other companies that offer low-cost solutions have designed their systems to fulfill the general needs of hundreds or thousands of companies.

We have expertise in the following areas:

  • E-commerce Web-Site Creation
  • Connecting legacy database applications to the Web
  • Programming and designing
  • Writing Database-driven, dynamic Web sites
  • Give your Web customers on-line access to data your existing data
  • Related Services:
  • Recommend and register Internet domain names for you

Automatically Generate E-mail

Do you send email to hundreds or thousands of people? DataCorp can write software that sends the same message or specific messages to individuals with email addresses. We can also include attachments that you would send manually, such as photographs of items you sell. Another popular task is to send Adobe Acrobat PDF files as attachments. Each PDF could be a custom report or other document, generated automatically but tailored to individual customers.

Web & E-Mail Servers

Web Servers

DataCorp can configure or install a Web server at your office. If you are interested in hosting your own Web site or services, DataCorp will visit your office to install the necessary software. If you already have a Windows Server®, you may not need additional software for a basic Web site. Microsoft Exchange Server® We can configure or install Exchange Server®, which allows you to:

  • Manage your own mail server
  • Access your mail through the Web with a Web site that offers most of the features in Outlook
  • Use public folders for sharing Outlook contact information with everyone on your network

Internet Security

DataCorp offers the following services specific to security for Internet-connected networks:


  • Installing a hardware-based firewall and configuring its software to protect you from most types of attacks through a broadband Internet connection.
  • Such a device will reduce the ability of a hacker to scan your systems to find vulnerabilities.
  • A firewall can prevent most outside attempts to read, copy, steal, modify, and delete files on your network.

Server security:

  • Configuring and maintaining Microsoft® Servers for security.
  • Configuring your servers to require safer passwords (password complexity) and password practices.
  • Installing maintenance and security-patches to remove the threat of worms that take advantage of system software weaknesses.

Antivirus software:

  • Installing and configuring antivirus software on your servers and workstations

Workstation PC's:

  • Setting up newly purchased PC's with the security standards you require.

Mobile Devices (Laptops/Notebooks)

  • Configuring mobile PC's for security and secrecy, to minimize the impact of a lost or stolen system.

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